For your First Consultation...

Please Bring With You

  • Referral letter. Confirm with your Doctor that one has been sent.
  • All relevant X-Rays, CT and MRI Scans to each visit.
  • Medicare Card.
  • Private Health Insurance Card (If applicable).
  • Your consultation will last approximately 15-20 minutes

What To Expect

  • Your medical condition will be fully discussed.
  • Examination may be performed of your ears, nose or throat. The use of non-invasive instruments may be required
  • Examination of the nasal cavity with an endoscope is usual.
  • If further investigations are needed these will be outlined.
  • If surgery is required this will be fully outlined, including the benefits and risks of the procedure.

Results of investigations

  • All test results are checked by Professor Wormald when received.
  • Results may take 7-10 days to be verified and delivered.
  • After a week to ten days you may request Professor Wormald's Nursing Staff to confirm that your results have been received and checked.

Results of all investigations will be discussed with Professor Wormald in the full context
of a follow up consultation.

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