Q: When are we open?
A: Professor Wormald's Practice provides services 5 days a week and phone calls will always be responded to. The practice itself is open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 8AM until 3PM.

Q: What are our fees?
A: Our fees range from $305 for an initial consulation to $220 for a review consultation.  For a full breakdown of our pricing structure please consult our Fees page.

Q: Does Australia have a high incidence of allergies and chronic sinusitis?
A: Australia has one of the highest rates of allergies and chronic sinusitis in the world and the problem is worse in dusty, dry areas.

Q: What are doctors who specialise in treating sinus disorders called?
A: Doctors who specialise in treating sinus disorders are called Ortorhinolaryngologists.

Q: If you travel by air when you have a head cold could you cause damage to your sinuses?
A: If you travel by air when you have a head cold you could cause damage to your sinuses. About half an hour before you depart you should decongest you nose. During the flight you should frequently apply saline spray to keep the nasal cavity moist.

Q: What causes sinusitis?
A: If you are producing thick green or yellow mucus from your nose it's likely that you have sinusitis. Allergies and previous trauma to the nose may predispose you to developing sinusitis. Additionally a bad cold or bout of flu can trigger the development of sinusitis. Recently sensitivities to fungal spores have been implicated in the development of chronic sinusitis and certainly play a role in patients who may relapse after surgery.

Q: What are the treatments for sinusitis?
A: Treatments for sinusitis include saline nasal sprays and douches, allergy medications, antibiotics and corticosteroids. Home remedies such as inhaling the steam from boiling water containing a few drops of eucalyptus oil have little additional benefit. Should medical treatments fail then surgery of the sinuses is indicated.

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